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At the dinner table, there was this chit-chat between the parents and Thor, who was quite social to everyone. The only two remaining silent where Loki and Sigyn. Until then she hadn’t said a single thing, nor she ate something of the delicious buffet lying there on the enormous dining table. She just didn't feel like it. She was feeling this glare every time she looked up so she stopped looking up and stare back to her hand lying on her lap. Her thoughts were going mad.
’Why is he staring at me like that? with his gorgeous looking green eyes.. Why am I thinking like that? It’s Loki, one of my good friends around here, I can’t think of him like that.. Please stop staring at me..’
She could feel a blush coming up every time she looked at him. That’s not a way to eat dinner.

”Sigyn are you alright?” her mother asked when she saw she hadn't ate a thing.

”My apologize, I’m not feeling very well, I guess its from the long trip. I need some air.”

With that, she stood up and left the dining room.

”How is it possible to make someone so uncomfortable by just staring at them?” she said quietly to herself.

She went to her favorite place, the gardens, more like it, the place by the pond where she used to come and sit allot. She sat down on one of the rocks lying at the edge of the water and enjoyed the quit and serenity of this place. While sitting there, she lost track of time.
Suddenly she heard a voice from behind her. A smoothing, warm voice.

”How long are you going to sit here and stare at nothing?”

She turned around to see the person who voice had reached her ears. This person was no one other than Loki Odinson, the youngest of the two Odinson brothers. But he had changed. Allot.
Instead of this little boy, a man stood beside her, only to make her feel uncomfortable again.
His dark hair was combed to the back, his eyes who she always remembered as grey where now emerald green. -Did they have changed?- thinking to herself. Guess she never took the chance earlier to look him deeply in the eyes. His golden armor glinstering in the evening sun. And a smile that made her heart tremble.

”Did I interrupt you with some thing?” he asked aging with his soothing voice.

”… oh.. No.. Not at all.” she smiled at him as he came to sit next to her.
-Is this really Loki?-

The awkward silence was totally killing the serenity and so Sigyn stared a conversation just to make an end to the quiet.

”Its bin a long time”

”Yes indeed. 6 years (which are 600 years for humans) I suppose? You’ve quiet changed, more as a lady than back then.”

”I take that as a compliment. Don’t forget that you where the one always losing to that not-lady-like-lady.”

He laughed at her last comment. What a beautiful laugh.

”So why did you came back to the palace?”

Sigyn really didn’t wanted to tell him but since he asked,

”My mother and your father are arranging me a marriage. By the end of this summer, I will marry.”

She saw the look on Loki’s face when she said that. Amazed. Surprised. Disappointed?, that was a suggestion.

”With who?”

”That’s also a surprise for me. Mother says that she is going to a sitting with the council trying to decide who will be my husband.”

”Even your mother doesn't know? That’s odd. Normally everyone know even before you are born.”

”Well, I cant wait to know.”

He could hear the sadness in her voice. What a torture, for a young woman to be tortured like this.

”You don’t have a clue either?”

”For me, this is the first time hearing of it. Honestly.”

The silence occurred a little long until Sigyn realized that they always had random conversations when they were young. So she started to talk. And more. She remembered that he was a friend, a good friend. She could have forgotten that because she didn't see him in a long time. but the conversation grew bigger and bigger. And soon they were talking like they saw each other every day. They talked about magic and spells, showing off to each other, talk about the home situation, and on and on.
The talk ended when Sigyn suddenly yawed, realizing it was already dark outside and probably late.

”I should go. I think its already late. Good night Loki, it is great seeing you back.” she stood up and wandered of to her bedroom she was given.

”Good night Sigyn.” She turned around a last time and smiled.

With this wonderful feeling she danced into her bed, impatient to talk to him again tomorrow.


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Hi there^^

This is my new profile my previous one was called SuzanMcLee.

My main arts are Traditional art, Portrets (soon o3o)

Hope you enjoy my Gallery and i'm open for requests

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